Lock Up Comics!

It is one thing to lock up someone with whom you disagree, but when you place in prison someone with a bad sense of humor, then the entire edifice of society is open to question. Any study of what President Obama has done over the past several months would only conclude the president is a failed vaudeville performer who simply does not know when to either get off the stage or just shut his mouth. Of course, one could argue, he is following the previous bad act performed by someone with the name of George. Over in the United Arab Emirate, they undoubtedly are, either stupid, or not familiar with the entire process of humor. Several young men decided to make a video about “gangsta youth” in the UAE, and we are pleased to report that under no condition, other than torture, would we ever seek to view this parody.

However, the serious seniors who govern this domain are upset and regard any comment that mocks their beloved nation should be punished by- a year in jail? Shezanne Cassim, a US citizen was sentenced to a year in prison, along with a fine for making the video. Six others also received jail sentences.

Imagine if we sent to jail the jackasses who daily perform in the US Congress with their jokes about economics or their disdain for anyone worth less than a million? You think our jails are presently crowded? Just wait to the army of politicians arrives!