Lock Up The Innocent And Save NYC!

Newly elected Mayor Bill de Blasio unleashed criminals to rob, terrorize and kill New Yorkers by selecting well respected Bill Bratton as the new police commissioner. Bratton who has previously been New York’s police commissioner as well as that of Los Angeles immediately caused critics to warn that any interference with “stock and frisk” risks ending the decline of crime were quick to denounce this appointment. The new police leader will work with critics of the controversial process of harrasing innocent New Yorkers because there is no correlation between crime and halting people. As this blog has previously argued, the decline of crime in any city in America stems from:

1. As the age cohort of 17-28 declines, so does crime regardless of whether “stop and frisk” is used or not used. A smaller age group results in fewer crimes because it is the age group that produces most crime in human life.
2. Improved police methods such as concentrating the police force in high crime areas leads to reduction in crime rates.
3. Improved economic conditions which result in higher paying jobs in poverty areas also produces lower crime rates.

Respect shown to poor people can also result in lower crime rates.