Locks Of Love

There is a bridge in Paris which is named, “Locks of Love.” The bridge sits over the Pont des Artes which is near the Louvre Museum. Lovers place a lock on the bridge to symbolize their love, but since thousands of lovers have informed the world about their love, the bridge has begun to collapse under the weight. We thought there is need for other such bridges:

1. Bridge of My Second Amendment Rights: Just place a couple of bullets linked together to remember all those fights we had in which we confronted one another with drawn guns!
2. Bridge of Illegal Immigrants. Just leave some dead bodies found in the desert to recall the road to hell that we traversed on our way to America.
3. Bridge of Clowns. On this bridge every day clowns perform in honor of the clowns currently sitting in the Halls of Congress.
4. Bridge of Wall Street, we leave two dollar bills clutched together in honor of the millions of dollars given Wall Street folk by their lover-the American government.
5. Bridge Too Far Honoring Benghazi, it contains a copy of every story published about the most famous bridge in the world which honors those on Fox News who actually found something to say about this topic, day after day, week after week, month after month!