Logic I According To Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu deserves credit for displaying a system of Logic which is among the most fascinating in the world. The UN partition plan in 1948 provided the area we now term the “West Bank,” would be reserved for Arab people. IN 1967, Israel forces seized the area during the Six Day War, and its leaders at that time were willing to return control of the land to Arab leaders, but no agreement could be reached. Since that time over 300,000 Jewish settlers have come into the West Bank, ejected Arab residents, and built homes, schools and businesses. In other words, Palestinians were deprived of land that rightfully belonged to them AND WHICH ISRAEL LEADERS IN 1967 AGREED SHOULD BE RETURNED AS PART OF A PEACE SETTLEMENT! Benjamin Netanyahu froze illegal settlement construction for ten months. He was asked by President Obama to extend the freeze an additional TWO MONTHS!

Now for the Netanyahu Logic I presentation. “For 17 tears they(Palestinians) negotiated with the Israel government during settlement construction” so if they cease displaying a willingness to negotiate while being robbed, it is their fault, not the robber’s fault. He goes on to boast about being constrained and willing to negotiate although the land stolen is not up for discussion! In Logic I, it is the Palestinians who lack flexibility. This man should offer his Logic I course to the world.