London Police Bias Case Still Alive

The London police force leadership has been charged with bias toward several members of the force who are of Asian background. Tarique Ghaffur, the highest ranking policeman who is of Asian heritage has repeatedly claimed not only he but others of Asian background have been denied advancement due to their backgrounds. Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur vigorously disagrees with reports he has worked out an agreement for a pay off in return for backing away from his charges of racism. The alleged agreement pays him about $600,000 and requires him to sign a gag agreement which forbids further comments concerning racism and bias in the London Police force. However, Mr. Ghaffur, issued a statement that “contrary to the recent reporting in the press at this point in time there has been no settlement in this matter.”

Mr. Ghaffur was suspended in September when he publicly announ ced his intent to sue over racial discrimination and he pointed the finger at Commissioner Sir Ian Blair as the culprit. Ghaffur claims he has documents which have been accumulated over the past several years which conclusively prove there has been bias. Perhaps, the key words in the statement of Ghaffur are, “at this time.”