London Police Hit With Second Major Bias Case

The London Metropolitan police have been hit by a second case in which a major senior official charges prejudice. Yasmin Rehman, a Muslim women who is employed in a diversity role within the force said yesterday she was preparing an employment tribunal claim which was now at an advanced stage. Ms.Rehman devotes extensive time dealing with cases related to “honor killings” and forced marriages. She intends to claim there has been bullying in the workplace against her. Her intended denunciation of the Metropolitan police comes right after Tarique Ghaffur, Britain’s most senior Asian officer has made similar claims against Commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

Scotland yard said it had no knowledge that Ms. Rehman is contemplating any charge against the force and described her as “a valued employee” adding “is she is contemplating an employment tribunal this would be a matter of regret.”

Perhaps, there is nothing to the charges leveled against Scotland Yard, but the fact two key officials are complaining about discrimination should be a matter of concern.