Lonely Barack Backs Down

This blog for years has been urging the president to engage in honest discussions with the American people and cease hiding in the White House with his family and Chicago Mafia of “experts.” On Thursday, he admitted to “fumbling” the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and agreed that people could maintain their existing health insurance plans and not be forced into enrolling in the new plan. This will head off the cancellation of health plans for about 3.6 million Americans who existing health insurance is sub par. The amnesty will last for one year. Insurers will be allowed to extend plans that do not comply with the Affordable Care Plan. In other words, if one has a sub par plan the individual can continue with the plan. What a wonderful solution!

The Obama solution is simply another symptom of a man who simply is not a leader. He lacks any ability to engage with the American people. As of this day I have never received from the US government a clear explanation of the Affordable Care Act. I do receive informaton from Medicare, but for some reason the president has never gotten around to explaining the new law. Many years ago, we had presidents like Franklin Roosevelt who would talk with the American people and discuss issues of the day in clear language that even a child like me could understand. John F. Kennedy was a master of challenging the American people to be greater than they are.

Mr. President, we in New York City once had a mayor named Fiorello LaGuardia who each Sunday morning would talk with citizens. On more than one occasion, he would say: “Folks, when I make a mistake, it’s a beaut! I did it again!.” We loved him for his honesty. You never studied American political history and that has been your problem.