“Loner” German Youth On Rampage

The pattern is always the same. A boy identified as a “loner” shows up one day at a secondary school armed with guns or knives or bombs and begins his assault on friends, enemies, teachers or school administrators. Children cower in corners, jump out of windows or flee as fast as they can away from the scene of fury unleashed by the boy. In the town of Ansbach in Germany, a boy arrived at the Gymnasium Carolinum, a fairly well respected institution, and began hurling petrol bombs, slashing children with knives and an axe.

Fortunately, within a few minutes police arrived at the scene and urged the boy to surrender. As usual, the boy refused and displayed his anger at himself and the world by welcoming being killed. The police fired machine guns and the boy fell to the ground with at least five bullets in him.

In virtually all such cases the massacre of children begins in a small town at a fairly well respected high school. Why is it such shootings rarely occur in urban schools?