Long Haul Or Short Haul For NATO Forces In Afghan?

June has been a sad month for NATO and American forces in Afghanistan as the death total daily rises. A few days ago, ten NATO and American soldiers died as a result of insurgent fire, and yesterday, a helicopter was shot down with loss of four additional soldiers. This is the bloodiest month in the war against the Taliban, and it is only one week into June. General Petraeus is concerned that death of soldiers will impact the desire of NATO forces to remain, and he is particularly worried about the UK which currently has 10,000 men in the field. However, UK Defense Minister Liam Fox made clear the future of his nation’s commitment has yet to be decided. He noted, “a realistic assessment of how much can we reasonably afford given the threat the country faces” is an important consideration.”

This is also a question for the United States. Can it maintain over a hundred thousand soldiers in the field of battle while there are seventeen million unemployed in the United States and Congress is balking at spending money for a job creation program. Butter or Bullets is the question of the hour?