Long Live Cuban Revolution–Or Should It?

Revolution Day is an occasion for old revolutionaries who fought with the Castro boys a half century ago to come out in public, shout, “Long Live The Revolution,” and enjoy a day when the entire Cuban population pays tribute to your gallantry–or at least, most of the population. Ordinarily, the Great Leader, Fidel Castro, gets an opportunity to talk, and talk, and talk for a few hours in order to hear the sound of his voice echoing through the country. After all, what would Revolution Day be without a six hour speech by the Great Leader? Of course, he has been sick, and those on the stand waited patiently for HIS appearance, but only brother Raul showed up. At one point, Raul rose, only to speak with another man, then returned to his seat while minor figures of the Revolution poured out cliches about the REVOLUTION and how it had transformed Cuba into a model state of equal opportunity poverty.

The crowd waited and waited but Fidel never showed his face. Is he still ill? Is the government going to relax economic controls? Will political prisoners be released? Tune in next year for Revolution Day and we assure one and all those questions will have been answered by that time.