A member of the Idaho Republican party decided to go fro a drive because he was seeking the promised land. No one is exactly certain as to where or what is the promised land, but State Senator John Mcgee will undoubtedly know it when he arrives at his destination. Of course, anyone studying the Republican party DOES know what constitutes the promised land for those who regard wealthy people as the children of God. Senator McGee got in his car while somewhat intoxicated, and drove it into the backyard of a house, sat in his car, got out, took the car of a stranger and crashed that as well. He then went into a sound sleep, away from the trials and tribulations of the world. Upon being awakened by the police, he simply said he was in quest of “the promised land.”

The Republican Promised Land

1. Only those earning less than a million dollars a year pay taxes. After all, the wealthy are the ones who create jobs.

2. If you are sick and lack health insurance, head for the Emergency Room–that is if they still are opening after budget cuts.

3. Yes, an illegal immigrant can pick your fruit, but once the harvest is in, they all head back to you know where.

4. Gays live in restricted neighborhoods so the rest of us don’t know they exist.

5. All babies on birth are issued a gun permit. One never knows who is your parent.