Egypt does not simply belong to the people of Egypt, it is an historical piece of the human condition. We all, in one way or another, share in its rich cultural heritage and relics from its past are relics of our own past. Several idiot robbers entered the Egyptian Museum. and since they were not the brightest people in the world proceeded to loot the gift shop. In a sense, these men are symbols as to the ongoing looting of Egypt by President Mubarak and his cronies who accumulate wealth at the expense of the people of their nation. A few relics were damaged by the Museum looters, but the nation looters around Mubarak have damaged their society, damaged opportunities for youth to enjoy a decent life, and made it more difficult to achieve peace in the region. Mubarak apparently still clings to the hope that with the aid of his armed forces, the force of change can be altered.

President Mubarak, ye have tarried too long, be gone! And, by the way, make certain your son, Gamal, is on the same plane to Saudi Arabia.