Lord May Resist Life For Kony!

Joseph Kony is   one of those interesting  figures who reside, all too often, on the continent of Africa. He is  one of those men who claims to represent “the people”either because of fighting against colonialism or because he was called to God by God in order to make money off the lives of people. Kony is the ultimate thug who has murdered, mutilated, tortured and raped thousands of women and forced children to kill their parents.

He goes by the name of Lord’s Resistance Army and his goals are somewhat ambiguous unless one believes God seeks to have humans rape, murder and mutilate. An ambush set up by Uganda troops in the Central African Republic caught number four honcho in the LRA, Caesar Acellam. Naturally, the captured man was unaware as to what the LRA does  for a living.

Will they catch Joseph Kony? Who knows, I guess only God knows for certain.