Los Angeles Fights For America

OK, I know most reading this have minor problems in life such as not enough money or lack of a job, but the good news from Los Angeles is that citizens of that fair city are coming to the rescue of all Americans. No, they are not seeking to create new programs to rebuild our infrastructure. No, they are not seeking to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to ensure equity. The citizens of Los Angeles will vote next June to require any porn actor to wear a condom while filming in their city. Just think of how this initiative will drive a dagger into the heart of unemployment!

The California Division of Safety and Health  believes the ballot initiative falls within guidelines of its office  because the state of California has “authority to prevent the spread of HIVAIDS.”

How about:

A law requiring all males in the state of California to wear a condom while having sex? This law would do more to end unemployment than any act of Congress. It would create a new occupation-agents viewing all sex acts in California! Think  of the millions of jobs that would be created in this country!

Our slogan: “Put it On Or Pull It Back!”