Lost In Obama Land

It is now clear that stories which argue that newly elected President Barack Obama decided to make Ronald Reagan his model for being in the White House simply provide further evidence this man simply lacks any understanding of how to lead a nation. Some aides urged that he study the administration of Franklin Roosevelt, but the arrogant man from Harvard insisted that Republican  Ronald Reagan was the man who understood how to lead a nation that was deep into a Depression.  FDR held weekly press conference in order to maintain good relations with the media and he dominated the news at least one day a week. As of this date the American people have not received a simply clear explanation from the government as to the meaning of the Affordable Care Act.

Obama’s assault on civil liberties have alienated liberal,his war on those who provide public information about waste and corruption in government are viewed by the former professor of constitutional law as threats to “security.” Barack Obama is not a liberal, he is a moderate Republican hiding in a Democrat’s clothing.