Lost In The Strange World Of “Honor”

He is in jail for killing his daughter which is somewhat bewildering to a man raised in a world in which the father had every right to decide how a daughter conducted herself, and, particularly, who she married. But, for some strange reason, these Americans had placed him in a jail and were charging him with murder. Faleh Almaleki brought his family to America from Iraq and expected they would find a safer and more prosperous time in the new land. He decided that his daughter Noor Faleh Almaleki would be married to a nice man in Iraq. He took her back home, and introduced her to the man who would become her husband. She was not happy, and went back to America. While she waited for her “husband” to get passage to America, Noor fell in love with another man.

The idea that his daughter would or could fall in love with a man other than the one he selected for her was too much for the father. He blamed it on being in America and picking up western ideas about female rights. On October 20, 2009, he ran over his daughter and an other woman. His daughter died. And, now Faleh is in a confusing place filled with men of the west who speak about law, but never about “honor.”

A basic problem is the inability of too many Muslim religious leaders to acknowledge that women have rights.