“Lot Of Hate Out There”

We soon will be entering a new month in the city of Ferguson, Missouri in which people are shouting their anger, for and against police officer Darren Wilson. As usual, when a white person kills a black person, a group emerges demanding equality for the killer. As for the person killed, it was simply their fault for failing to dodge bullets aimed at them. Darren Wilson supporters are growing in numbers. and there is even a “honk for Darren” campaign encouraging those driving cars to give a blast on their horn for justice. Wilson supporters believe the only injustice in the Michael Brown shooting is what is being done to Officer Wilson. Frankly, the defense of those who shoot black folk always arises since to some Americans if a black male is shot, there MUST be just reason for this act.

A Wilson supporter argued, “we have no desire to engage in or support the negativity which has been directed at Officer Wilson.” It is Wilson who is the victim of hate. Kill a black and discover there are white folk who will make you a hero of the moment. Such is life for those with black skins in America. In the end, they are to blame for their own deaths!