Loud Voice On Train Shouts Hate

We often refer to the silent majority because they keep mouths shut, but privately  have strong views regarding those who are not white skinned. A woman on a London tram decided to shift from being part of the silent majority by letting one and all know just what she thought about people with dark skins. A fellow passenger had told her to watch using vulgarity, so the unknown woman let it erupt. “Fuck you. I dare you. I fucking dare you. Don’t watch my language. go back to where you come from, go back to fucking Nicaragua. You ain’t British, you’re black.”

It is quite clear this woman is not a candidate for the Republican nomination for president, she actually knows that dark skinned people live in Nicaragua. When Michele Bachmann was  asked to comment on these remarks, she replied: ‘I guess this is on of those gotcha  questions that wants me to know what is a thing called Nicaragua.”

Herman Cain asked the media to get the woman’s phone number since he wanted to chat with any woman who was into fucking.

Mitt Romney said he would comment once poll results were in.