Love And Hate

There are moments in the madness that exists within the Middle East when one simply can not grasp the mind set of those who seek the path of hate and violence. A goup of those belonging to the Sunni and the Shiite branches of the Muslim religion decided to hold a joint prayer meeting in order to demonstrate their love for the Muslim faith and, for the moment at least, set aside sectarian feelings. As they prayed, in a house of worship, some group decided to kill those engaged in their love for Mohammed.Bombs were set off within the mosque and at least thirty Muslims were killed –by those who claim to be Muslims.

Bombs were going off all over Iraq. On roads, in other mosques, on streets and in buildings. The carnival of death proceeded on its normal path. It is incomprehensible how those claiming to be of the Muslim faith can kill fellow Muslims -AND WHEN THEY ARE PRAYING!