Love Burns Out In Pakistan

Saima, who lived in the village of Basti Hakra in Sindh province in Pakistan met a young men in Karachi named Delawar, they quickly fell in love and decided to marry. Ah, but this is Pakistan where love stories such as Romeo and Juliet might be read, but they were never to be put into action. Delawar came to her village and they fled in the night to Krachi. Her parents were infuriated at the elopement of their daughter and made haste to Karachi. At this point, the story becomes muzzy. Did the parents force Saima to return home or was the young girl forced to go with her parents back to the small village? We probably will never know what happened. On her return Saima had to appear before the town council, which consisted mainly of people from her family. This is Pakistan where the defendant is guilty unless she could, by a miracle, prove her innocence. She was condemned to death.

The following night, Saima was doused with boiling water and as she screamed in pain, her body was then placed into a makeshift electric chair and she quickly died. The real tragedy of this story is that it occurs all too often in small villages throughout the world. Perhaps, one solution is banning the story of Romeo and Juliet