Love Children, Be Hated!

There are moments in my life, when confusion reigns. I was raised in a world in which there were writers who provided children interesting and exciting stories of life and love and wonder. Judy Blume has given such wonderful examples of stories that excite children and make them want to read and read. No greater praise can be given a writer than she is able to stimulate children to think, to wonder, to desire to read and read. Alas,this is the year 2014, a time when encouraging thinking and wonder among children, let alone among adults, is not in accordance with the design of God–or, at least, that is what I am told by Tea Party and abortion haters. How in good God’s name, could JUDY BLUME get on the hate list of anyone!! But, this is the year 2014, when hate and distrust are the most important issues to many Americans. Judy Blume was in England where she told a reporter about her speeches in support of Planned Parenthood:

“I went to a couple of places two years ago, and I got seven hundred and seventy hate mail warnings-‘we know where you are going to be and we’ll be waiting for you.” Her publisher had to provide a bodyguard for Judy Blume!! One can laugh at this absurdity, or one can sigh with fatigue at the hate that never ends in America. There are those who simply cannot halt their anger at–Obama, health insurance, abortion, dark skinned folk, or whatever. Hatred has sunk into the very fibre of their being, and common sense has no place in their minds.

Just imagine if this long haired unemployed young man crossed our border and asked to enter in order to work at his job of spreading peace and love? Sorry, Jesus,is that your name, no place at the Inn of America for the likes of YOU!!