Love Does Not Triumph Over Power!

The government of the Australian Capital Territory said it might vote against a proposed bill that would allow gay marriages even though their party supports the idea of gay marriage. Labor Minister Andrew Barr, who plans to register a civil partnership with his long term partner, Anthony Toms, said he would vote against the gay bill because his party came before his love for Tony. “I’m a minister in a government, that’s the responsibility you have as a member of Cabinet and as a member of the Labor Party.”

Greens are fighting to provide equality in marriage to all people in ACT. One can only assume those stories about Romeo and Juliet are not as powerful as stories about two men in love. Come on Andrew, take a fling and allow love to conquer all. So, one day a minister, and the next day a man in love who sits at home and cooks meals. Isn’t that more romantic?