Love In Bloom In North Korea

OK, so the nation of North Korea might have the appearance of being a dictatorship. OK, so couples walking with hands held might not be regarded as loyal members of the Communist party. But, it is summer in North Korea.
Birds are chirping, the sweet scent of  flowers is in the air, and the boy wonder of the land is in love. Kim Jong-un announced that he  had married Ri Sol Ju and they were madly in love. He is smiling, she l0oks in an adoring manner toward her husband whose halo hovers overhead since we all know that Heaven above looks fondly on his leadership of North Korea.

Dad, Kim Jong Il, was rather reclusive and spent time with the boys, but the son likes to wander among children and good looking gals. Who knows what next awaits the people of North Korea. First,  love was allowed. Second, boys and girls could make out. Third, maybe, just maybe, husband and wife will actually have enough to eat!