Love Means Never Say I’m Sorry

Love is a many splendored experience that most humans come to participate in at one point or another in life. Paula Broadwell became involved in writing the life of General David Petraeus and in the course of many intimate discussions the two  “friends”eventually became the two “lovers.” Ah, having an affair in the United States military can result in being charged with committing a crime. Ms. Broadwell told a dinner for Reserve Officer Training officers that “I have remorse for the harm that this(the affair) has caused, the sadness it has caused in my family and other families and for causes we belong to.”

A man and a woman had sex. Men and women have sex nonstop. Where did any military get the idea that if two mature people want to have sex it somehow is a crime? Having sex between two mature adults is NOT a crime unless those in charge of our military forces have nothing better to do than check up on who is or is not having sex.