Love Parade Ends In Death!

We humans must be among the most unique life forms in the universe. We possess an unusual capacity to transform the act of love into a death parade of crushed life strewn around in agony. A German city offered a Love Parade which was accompanying music tech concert which drew hundreds of thousands of people. For some strange reason, organizers of the event had a single entrance tunnel which supposedly was to handle the untold thousands of people seeking to enter. No one knows exactly what began the panic, a voice, a shout, an order, who knows, but within moments thousands of people who were in the entrance tunnel desperately tried to extract themselves and in the process panic broke out. Before the terror ended, 18 were dead and over 80 injured in the mass hysteria. Ironically, many who had already entered did not know about the panic and continued dancing, laughing and enjoying the music.

I often believe Aliens may have once visited this planet, but after observing our capacity to transform the act of love into the slaughter of the innocent, they just packed up their belongings and headed for a planet that can hold a Parade of Love in which love is the main performer, not Death.