Lower The Flag Or Not?

There is no question for an ever increasing number of Americans wars in Afghanistan of Iraq have scant place in their memories. However, when it comes to celebrities, they go ga ga over this or that famous person. Eric Burri lost a son in the war in Iraq and he became furious when Governor Chris Christie had flags lowered to half staff in honor of Whitney Houston who died suddenly. Mr. Burri was so angry he burned the state flag of New Jersey.

He believes it is insulting to honor a dead musician while thousands of dead American boys and girls have bodies sent home quietly and without fanfare. Mr. Burri would like an end to honoring celebrities and honor bestowed on the brave men and women of our country who have died for it.

Mr.Burri has a point. We will devote countless hours talking about Whitney Houston and not a moment about those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. It would be patriotic if each dead American soldier was honored by the home state.