Loyalty Is In Eye Of Beholder

Throughout my life I have always been wary of those who proclaim themselves the guardians of loyalty to a nation. A democracy is based on the principle that unless someone violates the laws of society she/he has the right to express opinions. However, in the state of Israel there are many members of its legislature, the Knesset, who wrap themselves in the flag of their nation in order to denounce those deemed not in accordance with “the truth.” Several Arab members of the Knesset attended a meeting in Cairo at which Hamas and Fatah signed an agreement for peace. MK David Roten denounced these members for being in the vicinity of Hamas. “MKs taking part in this ceremony are not loyal to Israel; their loyalty to Hamas is greatrer than their loyalty to Israel. It’s time these MKs became members of a Hamas parliament and left the Israel Knesset.”

The four Arab members of the Knesset issued a statement expressing their goals as loyal citizens of Israel. “what pains that people pain us, and we have a double interest in attaining peace between the Palestinian factions and between Israel and the peoples of the region.” Israel needs loyal citizens who focus on peace with all people of the Middle East rather than fostering hate.