Lugo Pledges Aid To Paraguay Poor

Paraguay is among the poorest nations in South America and during the past 61 years the country has been ruled by wealthy landowners and the urban elite. The election of Fernando Lugo hopefully marks a birth of a new era in which poor people finally have someone in authority who represents their interests. The new president returned to the province where he worked for 11 years as a bishop and pledged to raise living standards by eradicating poverty and ending corruption. “This is where I learned to love the peasant, the indigenous people, and to admire the efforts to excel despite adverse conditions. He was accompanied by President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela who promised to send Paraguay over 400,000 barrels of oil to deal with fuel shortages.

The wealthy and powerful of Paraguay will not readily surrender power, and Lugo’s association with Chavez is only bound to arouse their fury. Lugo is under tremendous pressure from both right and left wing elements of the political spectrum. The poor of Paraguay deserve a better life and it is vital for Lugo to move toward that goal without distractions created by Hugo Chavez who has worked to destroy opposition within Venezuela. If the elite of Paraguay fear Lugo will adopt such measures they will proceed with an overthrow of the Paraguay government.

  • Tejano

    Your analysis is good up to the point that you are critical of Chavez. It seems as if you do not know how complicated matters are in Paraguay if that of Venezuela. You analysis is a-historical and it is obvious that this stems from the lack of understanding L.A. and the history of who continues to own the modes of production and how absolutely amazing it is that Chavez was elected let alone Lugo. If Chavez as you write is eliminating the opposition why has he not shut down all media, owned by the oligarchy, at this point. The same for Lugo who has most recently dealt with the likes of Lino Cesar Oviedo and the Colorado efforts to topple him. With this kind of pressure one might be careful. But naively Lugo and Chavez do not crush the oligarchy who would rather have them slain post haste!!!

    Rhohaiju Paraguay!!!

  • Fred Stopsky

    I at no time said that Chavez had crushed all opposition. He definitely has authoritarian tendencies and is rather naive about contemporary socialism. I am quite aware of the history of Latin American and the oligarchies. Rhetoric is wonderful when written, but it does not get food onto the plates of the poor. Perhaps, you support the dictatorship of Cuba which has bastardized the very concept of democratic socialism. I suspect you want a Cuban version of socialism, which has some good points such as health care and education, but is disastrous when it comes to economic development.