Lukashenko Brand “Democracy” In Belarus

President Alexander Lukashenko decided several months ago to make a presidential election somewhat different from what is previously has been in Belarus, he decided to allow someone to run against him. We understand this decision arose from his firm desire to witness the birth of democracy in the fair land of Belarus. He allowed Andrei Sannikov to become his opponent in the election process. It was at this point things became confusing for Alexander. He thought having a democratic election meant the person running against you praised the incumbent and urged voters to support the candidacy of Lukashenko. Imagine his surprise when this guy, Sannikov went around making nasty remarks against the president and went to the extent of organizing marches in which people said nasty things about the government! Isn’t the essence of a “democracy” that we all unite to vote for Lukashenko?

Andrei Sannikov is currently in jail and facing charges of violating the law by organizing demonstrations against the government and failing to support our beloved leader, the wonderful Alexander Lukashenko. There is something terribly wrong about a system which allows dissent and controversy during an election. Thank God that this criminal Sannikov is now in jail and he won’t be able to disturb the democracy that is present in Belarus!!