M Man Is Gone From Egypt

Hosni Mubarak is now enjoying the sun at a nice resort, far away from Cairo. The good news is Hosni and his family are alive and well, and I assume they have plenty of dough stacked away in some nice Swiss bank which will tide them over in the difficult years ahead. Thousands of people in Cairo are delirious with happiness now that the symbol of Egyptian corruption and economic incompetence is swimming in the sea rather than controlling power in the nation. It is wonderful seeing pictures of dancing people, it is fantastic what some wonderful young men and women in Tunisia did for the entire Middle East. I recall similar sights in my younger days of dancing young people in Havana who greeted the overthrow of their dictator with joy and hope. Alas, many of those great young people wound up in the jails of their liberator-Fidel Catro. I recall sights of happy Muslim men and women in Tehran when the Shah left and they expected a free society to replace him. Alas, now dictatorial clerics rule the land and some of the young people wound up in jail or were killed by the police.

The Egyptian military is now in charge. Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantari has taken over and Vice President Omar Suleiman still has some power to wield. What now for the people of Egypt? Only time will tell.