M23 Is Not A Highway

The M23 group of soldiers are not on a highway, it is simply there name and they are determined to take over the Congo. This murderous band of rapists is cutting a swath through the country as they head toward the capital. At points the band of merry murderers attempt to portray themselves as genuinely interested in bring law and order to the failed state, but they also enjoy raping women and seizing wealth of local inhabitants.

The M23 are funded and led by men from Rwanda. Rwanda is a small nation and prospect of gaining control of the huge Congo wets lips with dreams of wealth which lies beneath the soil of this country. The world gazes toward Gaza with its 1.2 million people while millions die in the Congo and at least a million women get raped. The Democratic Republic of the Congo possesses untold natural resources and its people live in poverty and fear.

Oh, there are a few thousand UN troops, but they refuses to raise a gun against the M23 thugs. Such is life for one living in the Congo, you are helpless and ignored.