Macaroni And Cheese, A Black Thing?

Pat Robertson is a man who follows the words of his Lord, Jesus Christ in order to bring love, laughter and learning to the people of this great land. He has a TV program on which people are interviewed about their lives. Recently, host Kristi Watts interviewed former Secretary of State Condi Rice and happened to ask what was her favorite food. Ms.Rice replied, “macaroni and cheese.” Pat asked “is that a black thing?” Ms. Kristi replied: “Pat, it’s a black thing.” So, to all residents of America it is now clear when you eat macaroni and cheese it is an exercise in eating a “black thing.”

I have lived in the desolate land of the Midwest for nearly fifty years and been compelled to eat foods that were not present in my beloved Bronx east European home. Since being in St. Louis I have learned that whenever folks get together for any sort of eating, guess what is always on the menu–macaroni and cheese! I just don’t think that back in Africa, ancestors of black folk in this country sat around their fires chomping down macaroni and cheese.