Mad Land In Africa

It is a common belief that those of the Muslim faith are natural born terrorists. Of course, the majority of terrorist actions in the world stem from societies that are no Muslim, but represent people holding a variety of religious or non-religious beliefs. People who reside in the “nation” known as the Congo inhabit a world which does not represent a human exitence but is the hallmark for violence and hate and brutality. Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, thousands are either murdered or raped or beaten or had their homes destroyed. Why this nonstep world of madness is quite unknown. There are groups like the March 23 Movement who currently have forgotten what actually happened on March 23 sometime in the past.They are simply a group, they are simply a collectin of men who want to take power–for what reason is currently unclear–but they want power. The typical member of M23 will fight to death to protecthis group. Why? Because he is a member of M23, need one say anything less?

It is estimated that over 5,000,000 have died in the Congo since 2000 and untold thousands of women have been raped.Deathis the only constant in the Congo.The men want to rape and kill and destroy for some reason or reasons that once lived in their minds. Frankly, no one cares or wants to remember the origin of this war or that war. They happened in the past so they must endure in the present. So, what else must be said? This is the Congo.