Madness In Ivory Coast

President Laurent Gbagbo is a well educated man who has taught in universities before becoming head of his nation. He lost an election, and has refused to surrender office to the winning candidate, Alassane Quattara. The UN has imposed economic sanctions, but he fights on. Supporters of Quattara now control 80% of the land, but he fights on. At least 800 people in the town of Duekoue were massacred as groups fought with one another and UN forces failed to intervene. Rebel troops are now in the capital of Abidjan where troops loyal to Gbagbo have decided to fight until the last man. People huddle in their homes as opposing troops blast away with rifles, machine guns, mortars and artillery fire. Over and over again the UN has asked Gbagbo to step down and leave his land in peace, but this egomaniac continues to destroy his own nation in a pursuit for power and glory.

Pillaging and looting are common in the city. People fear stepping outside their homes because of constant firing by soldiers. Food is running out, water is scarce, and those injured are unable to get to a hospital. I admit to not understanding men like Gbagbo. He is not stupid, he knows with limited resources it is impossible to hold out against the UN and rebel forces, but on and on goes this man whose only thoughts are about himself. I do not understand how one who leads a country can seek to destroy it in the name of power.