Madness In The Desert

The Americans ejected from their jet plane when something had gone wrong and their parachutes slowly and quietly descended into a field in Libya. They could see men approaching them and shouting words, but the Americans did not know the native language. They were uncertain if they soon would be prisoners of forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi or whether they were in friendly territory. Even as they awaited their fates, helicopters swooped over the area and began firing at figures on the ground, particularly anyone who was getting near the downed American pilots. Unfortunately, the Libyans were rushing to GREET the Americans since they belonged to rebel groups. But, US helicopters continued blasting away. In the end, several Libyans were wounded and a man lost a foot. We assume he had taken a stop too far in his desire to get rid of Gaddafi.

There is something symbolic in the injuries to innocent people. The bombing was designed to protect Libyans. Hopefully, those desiring to be saved from the bad Gaddafi can live to tell the tale.