Madness Of 2016

How can one describe the current race for the  presidency? On one hand is a politician who has been engaged in politics since God knows when,on the other hand is a man who has zero knowledge about the world, and crazy ideas as to how this nation can address the economic and social problems that must be solved. Just about each day one wonders what next as far as Hillary is concerned.   Is it an email, is it a meeting she had with  some wealthy person in which the guy gave money to the Clinton Foundation, or is it something that happened to one of her aides? It goes on and on and on.

Donald Trump continues to shout about his Plans to build walls or to send back eleven  million people while his followers shout and scream him on. Imagine having eleven million customers leave the nation, how many jobs will be lost? This is an election in which neither candidate is trusted by the mass of voters. Yes, Hillary does have some excellent ideas, but how in hell did she get so twisted in decisions about her damn computer?

In the end, the last person standing will become the president of this nation. OH, standing. Now, even that has become the new controversy. Mr. Kaepernick does not want to stand, and so, in this nutty  year, that has become an issue. How about switching places, Kaine vs Pence? Now, that might be a solution!