Madness Of Aiding Pakistan Armed Forces!

A little known program in northwest Pakistan which is designed to allow American soldiers to train members of Pakistan’s Frontier Corps backfired when al-Qaeda or Taliban forces mined a road and when a convoy of American and Pakistan military drove on it, the result was an encounter with an IED that killed three Americans and leveled a near by girls school. As a result three Pakistan girls are dead, a dozen wounded, and the new Koto High School for girls which was built with US humanitarian aid, is now reduced to rubble. So, what is the message of this assault? Americans are being blamed by local Pakistanis for coming into their area and causing militants to bomb and destroy.

There will be no “victory” for Americans or Pakistanis until the United States is out of the military picture and local people are in charge of their own defense. “Americans Go Home” is the best advice one can give.