Madness Of American Justice System!

There is no question that the United States of America is Number One in the world. NO, we are not Number One in income equality, NO, we are not number one in life expectancy. NO, we are not Number one in ability of poor people to rise to middle class. BUT, we are NUMBER ONE when it comes to having people in prison. Cooper van Husen is a sixteen year old boy who, together with several friends, entered homes in search of robbery. Other than these two examples, he is simply another boy with a clean criminal record. He was advised to plea guilty to second degree felony charges and receive 180 days in jail. Certainly enough to frighten any sixteen year old boy.

Judge Ernie Jones decided the plea arrangement was “too lenient.” He sentenced a sixteen year old boy to a term of one to fifteen years in jail. The boy is being sent to a maximum security prison where he can benefit from the wisdom of hardened criminals in order to become a sex slave and then a criminal. The only person who should be sent to this jail is Judge Jones.