Madness Of Anti-Immigrant Movement

Every so often one encounters stories which vividly depict the cruelty and hypocrisy of those opposed to immigrants. In the United States right wing Republicans are against the Dream Act which would allow children brought to America at a very young age and who have spent their lives as Americans to be eligible for citizenship. A case of an eight year old boy in the Netherlands highlights the lack of morality and spirituality of those who want to deport immigrants. An eight year old boy from Sri Lanka was brought by his parents who illegally entered the Netherlands several years ago, and today the boy is dying of a brain tumor. Immigration Minister Gerd Leers is reviewing the case. Reviewing! The boy WILL DIE. You cannot claim he will be a drain on your budget for years, he is going to shortly die.

I always give the ‘Jesus Test” to cases like this. What would Jesus Christ do in this case if he was minister of immigration?