Madness Of Death In Somalia Continues

The legacy of George Bush lives on in Somalia where militant members of al-Shabab continue their efforts to kill and wound fellow citizens of what passes for a government in the country. Three years ago, Bush encouraged Christian Ethiopia to invade Somalia and attack its government because he believed fundamentalists were in charge. The only result was to create even more chaos since the presence of Christians in a Muslim nation was bound to arouse anger and hate. Yesterday, al-Shabab continued its efforts to create chaos by sending a suicide bomber and gunmen dressed in army uniforms into a hotel in Mogadishu where they commenced to kill 32 people, including six members of Parliament as well as a shoe-shine boy. Al-Shabab leaders claim their object is driving out the African Union army which is in the country in an attempt to create the semblance of order. It has not succeeded in that task.

Al-Shabab has at least 7,000 soldiers and an “army of morality” which wanders the streets and countryside imposing a strict Muslim sharia law, particularly towards women. As in Afghanistan, these mad men of morality gain power and women suffer. Unfortunately, there is scant hope things will change.