Madness Of Depression As Man Shoots 10

A recent spate of killings ranging from a gunmen entering a church and killing a pastor to yesterday’s slaughter in a small Alabama town which resulted in 10 deaths will lead “experts” to connect the current economic crisis to the murders. It would be simplistic to claim a gunmen who wanders down the streets of an Alabama town killing people was influenced in such behavior by the collapse of the American economy. However, during the past eight years the nation has been under the rule of a Republican party and president who insist there are no rules which must be followed and if you believe there is evidence of possible “terrorism” then you have the right to invent legal procedures. We have been living in a state of lawlessness created by Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and the so-called legal experts at the Justice Department who do not believe the president must adhere to the Constitution as known, but has the right to create Constitution as he believes exists.

The gunmen went drove down the street killing people as they sat on their porches. Perhaps, his actions constitute a metaphor for Bush America. If the TV program 24 allows individuals to take the law into their own hands, why not extend that right to individual citizens. Who knows what led this unfortunate man into this madness, but, it is more important for Americans to learn what led Bush into his disregard for the Constitution. Perhaps, even more devastating is why did so many Americans accept the right of the president to disregard law and order in the name of “security?”