Madness Of Drug Wars!

Every so often a story emerges from Mexico which affirms the stupidity of our war on drugs. Of course, one can not wage a “war” on things we drink or eat, but those in charge of the war on drugs regard it as a sacred duty to kill one and all involved in the trade. Of course, few with gobs of money ever are charged with drug crimes and most who wind up in jail lack money, not honesty. Some suspected drug dealers near the border with Mexico abandoned some packages and fled home. The border patrol followed them and came upon a crowd of angry Mexicans who were throwing stones.

Naturally, what could any honest, hard working American border agent do when people threw stones? He could walk away,  he could contact Mexican police, or he could simply stand back and not allow stones to hit them. US border patrol agents decided to return stones with bullets. In the exchange a Mexican teenager was killed.

The death of this young boy will fall under the classification of “death by unknown factors or people”