Madness Of Gaza Continues!

Last week, Israel Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni sent a message to newly elected president Barack Obama to stay out of the Israel-Palestinian conflict because everything was under control and the last thing that needed was the introduction of new ideas to the bargaining table. In the meantime, chaos continues to be the rule in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Popular Resistance Committee(PRC) threatened to avenge a strike carried out by the IDF which they claim killed two people. The IDF denies ever operating in the area and believes the incident probably occurred when some terrorists blew themselves up. Rockets continue emanating from the Gaza Strip and hitting Israeli towns. Hamas took credit for firing eight of the Kassam rockets on Friday.

There is need for a real cease fire in the Gaza area and, most probably, it requires introducing new ideas since the current situation has reached the ridiculous stage. How about asking Turkey, which is trusted by both sides, to send several thousand troops into Gaza, assume control of border crossings, and restore peace and sanity to the area?