Madness Of Guantanamo Prison!

It will probably take another ten or twenty years before historians can uncover the entire madness and violation of basic American rights as related to the imprisonment of people in Guantanamo prison. Five months ago, a federal judge after reviewing all the “evidence” against Alla Ali Bin Ali Ahmed, ruled that he most probably was mistakenly arrested and sent to prison. The “dilemma” now confronting the brilliant graduates of law schools like Harvard and Yale is that if one releases the innocent Mr. Ahmed, it runs the risk of sending a potential terrorist onto the streets. They conclude that since Mr. Ahmed has been incarcerated with terrorists for seven years, he may have been brainwashed to believe in terrorism and thus now is a security risk.

Let me get this straight because I am not a graduate of any Ivy League law school. If I am mistakenly arrested and mistakenly sent to jail, the fact that I know am forced to be with murderers and rapists results in me being a potential rapist or murderer because I have been associating with them!

Close the damn prison down. Stop the craziness that it is “unsafe” to send inmates to American prisons. Oh, I forgot, we have 2.2 million people in jail including hardened thieves, murderers, rapists and so on. Could someone explain how a man convicted of murder is sent to a prison where there are murderers?