Madness Of “Honor Killing” Exemplified!

There are all too many people in Muslim and other communities who believe men have the right to defend their honor, regardless of the cost to females. A 16 year old Jordanian girl was asked by her cousin to marry him, but she did not find him an attractive suitor so she agreed to marry another relative. According to Jordanian law, a girl under 16 requires permission from the court to marry and the girl secured such support. On the day of her wedding, the cousin and his brother stormed into the affair, and he stabbed the girl several times in front of everyone on grounds that his “honor” had been sullied by the girl. After all, when a man wants to marry a cousin and she refuses the only solution is—death!

Fortunately, sanity prevailed in Jordan and in a rare case of common sense, the court sentenced the man of honor to death by hanging and his brother was given a fifteen year sentence at hard labor. How about making all “honor killings” dishonorable acts by sentencing perpetrators to prison or death?