Madness Of Humanity!

Continuing violence in several African nations has resulted in numerous articles decrying such events as evidence that people of Africa have yet to attain a level of “civilization”akin to that found in America or Europe or most Asian societies. These comments come from people who inhabit nations of Europe or the United States. As I recall, over thirty million humans died during World War I and over sixty died during WWII in the most gruesome fashion in the history of humanity. Events in the Çentral Africal Republic are shocking as Muslims and Christians battle one another in order to prove which group possesses the true world of God.

Last fall, Muslim soldiers gained control of the country and went on a rampage of death and destruction directed at Christians in the nation. Recently, these Muslim soldiers were thrown out of power and now the streets are filled with Christians beating up and cutting to pieces any Muslim they can find. Thousands of Muslims are now fleeing to Chad, a Muslim country. Nigeria has it both ways being divided between Muslims and Christians.

How about inviting some Jews to live in either society. They would make good targets for slaughter. They come with experience.