Madness of Iraq Continues In Death And Destruction

The madness that is kown as the war in Iraq continued over the weekend with an attempt on the life of Iraq’s president, bombings in Sadr City and an explosion that resulted in the death of four US Marines. Iraq’s first lady escaped unharmed from a bomb attack in downtown Baghdad although four of her guards were injured. The United States military said 11 al-Qaida insurgents were killed while a powerful roadside bomb killed four Marines in the deadliest attack in months. Amid the violence, Admiral Patrick Driscoll vowed to maintain crackdowns on Shiite militia and al-Qaida insurgents. US military used drones and Bradley fighting vehicles to kill 18 militants n Sadr City.

Iraq’s health authorities said at least 10 people, including two children, were kiled in the apst 24 hours in Sadr City. The miitary aspect of fighting militants continues, but, little is said about the diplomatic component of fighting terrorism in Iraq. There are threats, there are bombs, but what is being done to bring together disparate groups within Iraq society in order to create the semblance of a unified government? Death and destruction are the order of the day.

  • Anonymous

    This is ridiculous this war is claiming more and more lives every day and nobody is doing anything about it.