Madness Of Muslim Conflict

About five hundred years ago, Catholics and Protestants engaged in endless warfare that lasted for over a hundred years. They butchered one another, killed women and children and laid to waste large areas of land. Today, a similar war exists among Muslims, particularly in nations like Pakistan and Iraq where Shiites and Sunnis take turns killing the innocent. During the past few weeks, the Sunni Taliban has killed over a hundred Shiites in bombings that struck at religious processions in Lahore and in other parts of the country. Yesterday, Shiites were gathered to express solidarity with their Palestinian brothers–most of whom are Sunni–when the Taliban launched still another attack. Do these people ever grasp the irony of their murderous assaults? A Shiite group has organized a rally to support a group of Sunnis in Palestine when they are killed by Shiites in their own land!

We find pertinent the absence of any demonstrations by Muslims in the world against such slaughter of the innocent. We find disturbing the absence of any organized protest by Muslim clerics against the killing of innocent Muslim men, women and children. Of course, if some Christian cartoonist printed a cartoon–then Muslim crowds would fill the streets expressing anger and condemnation and we can be certain the imams would be upset. We cry for our Muslim brothers and sisters who died today at the hands of fellow Muslims.

  • journeyer58

    In the history of any religion except maybe Buddhism and Taoism, we find the very self-same arguments and disagreements.
    These arguments lead invariably to bloodshed and violence of the worst kind, that of violence against those who have no power and are voiceless in the fight against extremism. How in the world Christianity and Judaism survived their own troubled times is beyond me, except to say that now even they have not grown beyond the hatred and violence of another in the name of religion. I am a self-styled, Catholic-Buddhist, Sufi and Jewish adherent. The reason for such a wide variety of faiths is the fact that one faith, one religion does not hold all the truth. If the world is to survive the coming years, we must learn that, WE ARE ONE! There can be no doubt that each person is valuable in their own right and if for no other reason than that they exist and are human.
    We cannot let the extremists of any faith or religion proclaim their asinine truth, that they are the only path to G-d, and that they hold the keys to eternal life. All the while proclaiming the bald faced lie that, ‘the other’ is going to hell for worshiping the way they do and the fact that their G-d is nothing more than an idol of stone or wood. We must face the fact that even in today’s society, extremism is rampant in the U. S. and can spread like wildfire unchecked if not for the people who counter the argument that, ‘the other’ is not of G-d, and they are idol worshipers.