Madness Of Myanmar Continues With Denial Of Aid

Thousands of bodies still float in the waters of Burma, but the thugs who control the country still refuse to allow foreign aid workers to enter the nation in order to organize a process of aid to the people. Over a million people are homeless as planes sit parked at the Bangkok airport because the military junta will not allow foreign access to their nation. However, the junta has imposed a vacation ban for all officials, not because they want to organize their own relief effort, but to ensure everyone is focused in the coming days on the referendum which will legalize their rule. “This clearly shows their priorities,” said dissident leader Bo Kyi. “They won’t allow their ploy to be spoiled even by tens of thousands of dead.”

Although thousands are without water or food, the government newspapers are mainly discussing the upcoming referendum which will bring about the concept of a “flourishing discpline democracy.” Richard Horsey of the UN emphasized that “it is imperative at this point that they open up and allow a major international relief effort to get underway.”

It is difficult to even conceive leaders of a nation could simply refuse access to trained and skilled relief efforts due to their paranoia about foreigners entering their country. The little relief that has been sent is being taken over by the military junta who most probably will claim they are the ones who are giving out the aid.

Who are these people? And, isn’t it time China uses its influence to force change upon the military thugs who run Myanmar?