Madness Of Pakistan

Some nations seek to create a world in which their citizens can enjoy peace and security. Some nations seek a  world in which their citizens can utilize the benefits of modern societies in order to  live longer and in better health. The government of Pakistan has been engaged in a program to provide health care for its citizens and this includes establishing clinics in rural areas  where people lack access to proper health. Among their health thrusts is a polio vaccination program for children. Alas, the idea of vaccinating children goes against views of some conservatives who regard any such modern nonsense as violating   traditional views and most probably are designed to make people sterile.

Gunman ambushed a van with workers from Support With Working Solutions which offers health care to poor people. Two men on motorcycles blasted the van and killed seven aid workers, five of them women. It was another blow at education, it was another assault on health care, it was another example of the medieval minds of members of the Taliban.

Modern Israel and medieval Pakistan both believe outsiders are evil and seek to destroy. Lack of trust only leads to lack of freedom and lack of an end to evil and war and hate.